Are You Truly Living Your Legend?


On January 28, 2013, three Aussie ladies signed a pledge.  A pledge to be a part of the Live Your Legend REVOLUTION.

The Pursuit of Purpose is our way of contributing to this Revolution. We simply would not exist without this community.

Let us say thank you.

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If you haven’t had the chance to meet us yet, find out how we are, being the change we would like to see in the world.

We take our pledge very seriously.  Here’s how we are delivering on the pledge.  (#1 & #11 are omitted as they are a way of being rather than doing)

#2. This is OUR Revolution.

LYL 4We truly believe that this revolution is for everyone.   The Pursuit of Purpose is our vehicle for leading with passion, to change the world.  As members of this revolution we want to help and collaborate with as many other Living Legends as possible.  That is why we held the first ever Australian LYL Meet Up.  That is why we are travelling over 25,000 kilometres to Portland for WDS this year; to make memories with as many other remarkable people as we can.  If you would like to connect with us you can do that here:


#3 We Take Our Environment Very Seriously

LYL 6We are committed to surrounding ourselves with passionate people. That is why we have teamed up together  because when you surround yourself with passionate people, magic can happen.  We are driven to serve people around us that are ready to make big changes in their lives.  We are here to support people to live their dreams, we are here to provide accountability and most of all we are here for the amazing friendships that occur when people who believe in the same things get together.

We love bringing people together in the real world; either at live meet-ups, conferences, Google hangouts, Skype or live webinars.  If we are not making memories, we aren’t really living.

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#4. Invest The Time & Energy to Know Who You Are – No Sleepwalking Allowed!

LYL 2We have all been on our own personal journeys to know who we really are.  Together we’ve clocked up more than 100 years of sleepwalking.  We know how challenging this journey can be. This is why we are creating our own course.  Live Life Project – throw off your shackles, rediscover yourself, ignite your passion & live life fulfilled. 

#5. There Is No Failure.

LYL 1How do we ignore the possibility of failure?  By believing there is no failure.  If we didn’t believe this, The Pursuit of Purpose would not exist.  We are strong believers in having the ability to say NO to fear.  Do you struggle with fear?  Want to know how 36 Online Gurus overcame their fears?  


#6. We Are All Experts. Embrace and Develop it.

LYL 3For us there is no choice but to embrace and develop our expertise, otherwise how would we be able to make a difference in this world? The three of us have different strengths which allow us to help others in so many different ways. And that’s what we want to share with all of you.


#7. We Question Everything.

LYL 5It was through having the ability to question everything that we found clarity on what we want to create for the world.  It is why we are creating Live Life Project – throw off your shackles, rediscover yourself, ignite your passion & live life fulfilled.  We have each completed numerous online courses from which we found great benefit.  However, what we realised was that unless you are sure about who you really are, then these courses can either take longer to complete or you are completing them from the incorrect frame of reference.

#8. We Don’t Do Things For The Money.

LYL 7We don’t do things for money.  Yes, we understand that in order to make our impact on the world we need to make money but that is not our priority.  People are what are important to us.  This is why we volunteer to help out as Connection Crew Members in the CWA Course.  This is why we give away free courses and coaching to those who cannot afford it but dearly need it.  This is why we collaborated with Scott on the Field Kit.

#9. We Measure Against Our Own Standards, Not Other’s.

LYL 9We do not measure ourselves against other peoples’ standard of success.  The only question we ask ourselves is:

How Do We Know If We Are Making A Difference?

Our answer is: by helping one person at a time.

This is not mass market stuff for us.  We do not believe we can be effective that way.  For us, this is about offering support and accountability to individuals.  ONE – AT – A – TIME!

#10. We Believe In Everything We Do.

LYL 11

We have a crystal clear, passionate cause and message.  We believe people need to stop existing and start living.  We have a very deep connection to helping people; to help them shine a light on their gifts, to take the pain away and to help people unlock their true potential.  We truly believe there is so much untapped potential in the world and we get so excited to be able to help people start using more of their natural talents.


#12. We Constantly Push Limits & Test What’s Possible.

LYL 10

Put simply, if we didn’t constantly push our limits, The Pursuit of Purpose would not exist. In the last six months all three of us have pushed our own personal comfort zones, physically and mentally and the buzz from doing so has given us all huge confidence to keep pushing and testing and going harder! We believe it’s all about the journey called life.


#13. We Learn by Doing. Taking Action is the Priority.

LYL 8We wouldn’t have anything to share with all of you through the Pursuit of Purpose if we didn’t just get out there and do it. We are still learning each and every day and that inspires us.



# 14. We Are All The Leader – We Are All The Follower. We Dance Together.


There is no leader in our team.  We dance together.  We respect that we each have unique skills and talents and that is what makes us a powerhouse team.  Our differences allow people to find what they need by the most direct route.



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